Friday, January 30, 2009

Check out the Odd Bird's Nest

The Odd Bird's Nesty Studio

Hi there! I'm Tara of Odd Bird designs. I create mixed-media jewellery that's quirky & fun to's a behind-the-scenes peek at where I make everything!
The studio (aka "the nest") is nestled inside a nice lofty building where I also live. I find it much easier & affordable to have studio space in my home. The walls are blank as we recently moved into this space & I haven't had a chance to paint pretty colours or hang art yet! But really all I need is the space (to make a mess in) & music (to make a mess by) to be productive & then I'm good to go!

Meet my assistant, Loki (the original "Odd Bird") He oversee's all the jewellery creation from start to finish from his perch there....just don't tell him that it's really a toilet paper stand though,haha! I do have 2 other little assisstants but they are Camera Shy at the moment.

I finally have a much bigger desk to work on! It's a beautiful 1930's oak office looks quite clean & organized but trust me usually every inch of the desk is covered with jewellery findings, tools, paperwork etc. I made things "neat" to take these pictures!

Here's a tray of decorated dominoes ready to have findings attached to them.

Storage bins are essential for staying organized. I work more efficiently when I know I can just open a drawer to find what I need fast.
Don't ask about the Bear mask...that was part of last Halloween's costume & it really needs to be put away by now!

Here's some more decorated dominoes: one tray of completed pieces ready to pack & ship & the other tray contains ones waiting for the glaze to set. I have trays of jewellery all over the studio, as you can see these ones are sitting on top of my stereo system.....don't think I'll be using the turntable today!

OK, so I added this older pic (the first work table I had) to give you an idea of what my desk usually looks like: covered with stuff!

More storage drawers....I feel that you can never have enough of these things!

Sigh....packing supplies take up alot of space but since I do mail-order I can't avoid it.

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